Keeping Records: The #1 Absolute Essential

Whether you do this on paper, or electronically on a computer is not important, although making calculations about staking methods and determining which if any of your bets should be eliminated in future is far more easily accomplished on the computer.

Omitting this single factor of keeping records is the reason the overwhelming majority of punters are long-term losers. How many bettors in TAB or betting shops do you see using any method of recording their wagers? It is extremely rare to spot even one person doing this and we know 98 – 99% of them will lose money. Why? Almost without exception, they make their selections hurriedly, often being swayed by media commentators or those around them, and usually leaving it until the last moment to ‘get on’.

Contrast this with the methodical approach of the money-making bookmaker. These characters have large books (or nowadays, mostly laptops) to record everything that happens during their day. At a glance, they can see how much they are holding on any one horse and whether they need to lay any bets with other bookies (or the Tote) to minimize their risk in any particular race. Not only that, but they have a license to set the odds of each horse and will always do this so that the total probabilities of winning of all the horses in the race comes to more than 100%. By so doing, they ensure that they are holding more in bets than they will have to pay out, and will usually only have a loss or losing day if a lot of favourites win, and they have been unable to ‘lay off’ some of their risk.

By way of example, a horse whose odds of winning are given as 2-1 (or $3, in decimal listing) has been assessed as having a 1-in-3 chance, or 33% probability. Meaning that the bookmaker believes that if the race was run 100 times, this horse would win 33 times. All the horses have a probability represented as a percentage figure. In reality, these probabilities always total 100%. However, by setting the odds to make these probabilities total more than 100, (achieved by offering lower odds than the horses’ real chances) there should in theory always be something left over for the bookmaker, after paying out their punters’ winning bets. Even with this advantage, of course, it is still possible for the bookie to come unstuck on a particular race or day, but we should be happy coming away from punting over time with a winning percentage comparable with theirs.

Now if these people, with the enormous advantage of setting the odds in their favour, are so disciplined and precise in keeping their records, what chance has an average punter of winning over time, if they do not? It is just impossible to know your financial outcome over time without keeping records. So Placegetters requires perseverance in keeping records.

We cannot emphasize enough this One Absolute Essential

What do we mean by ‘serious bets’? Clearly, if you are keeping a record, you have a systematic, disciplined and precise way of making your selections and staking your money. Serious bets are any which fall into this category. However, it is still possible to set aside small amounts which you may wish to wager as ‘fun bets’, quite separate from your normal Placegetters selections. These would normally be much smaller than your Placegetters bets and may occur at infrequent intervals, (such as big Cup Days), odd unplanned one-day visits to a new or unfamiliar track, or involve ‘longshots’ with a low probability of success, but the potential to pay out well when they do come in.

Even if your Placegetters service revolves around these types of horses, which it can do and still be successful, the persistent keeping of accurate records is still mandatory for a financially positive outcome. After all, what is the point of patting oneself on the back about getting $20, $30, $50, or even $100 shots home, if after a year or two we don’t know if we are in front, or behind, and by how much?

One final question

By now you must be asking the question sceptics ask:

If there was such a thing as a winning system at racing, why would anyone sell it? Wouldn’t they keep it to themselves?

The answer is simple: the method could be given away free, even published in the newspapers for all to see, and the success/failure rate of punters wouldn’t change a bit. Keeping a record is too much like hard work for most people, who lack perseverance, discipline and precision. They want to win without any effort; it seems more fun that way. The reality, however, is that many punters discover that the joy of occasional good winnings is (if the truth be told) outweighed by the chagrin of persistent and often excessive losses. To really enjoy punting, it is necessary to find a way of experiencing the reverse of these two outcomes.

It is true that in the short term of course people win all the time. One only has to look at some of the massive Trifecta dividends to see that. But it’s a pretty safe bet that if there are regular winners of those fat payouts, they are not to be found among the legions of everyday punters. Snaring regular big Trifectas obviously involves a great deal of analysis of what combinations of horses combine to produce such outcomes, and even more patience than is required to land a simple winner, which after all, occurs without fail in every race.

It’s regular winnings or an additional income that changes one’s lifestyle permanently for the better. And isn’t this what you want? This is what Placegetters is designed to give you.

We even keep a record of the selections and results for everyone to see, so the task could hardly be made any easier, but we stress the importance of setting up your own record, in a book or on a computer, for your own analysis at your leisure. You may well discover other methods of staking (for example, some of the Exotic-type bets), which can work for you, before we get around to informing everyone about such things.

The Placegetters method I’m going to show you is capable of providing a regular income, with what we believe has less risk than the Stock Market under general conditions. Furthermore, you can start with a small bank, building steadily as you go.  Not only that, but in a relatively short while, you will have withdrawn your original capital, meaning that you are playing only with winnings, thus minimizing the possibility of losing your bank.

So, welcome to the Placegetters service, a service of discipline and record keeping that when persevered with diligently can provide you with an additional income stream.

To your profitable and enjoyable Placegetters future!